Serbian dating customs

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Just a few words that can describe the atmosphere of Serbian wedding.Oh, sure ­­– plentiful menu, we should not skip such important characteristic of Serbian wedding!Cooking Book for Kids, American Greetings Inventions Free Printable Cookbooks PDF Examples of Four Market Structures Kindle Cook lovely christmas cards Hungry Girl Cookbook Reviews. Trumpeters, Buklia, Folklore dancing and singing, ikebana flowers, rosemary for wedding guests, apple shooting, sieve throwing, “buy the bride”….This tradition is kept today, in slightly altered form. Once upon a time, the bride was really purchased with large amounts of money or gold.The “old godfather” custom (which is transmitted from generation to generation) is strictly respected by the Serbian people. In 1846., Serbian Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic issued an order: asking for and giving money and gold for the girl is abolished, as a custom that is contrary to the human dignity.

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