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Because I am open-minded and nonjudgemental towards my clients' kinks and desires, some people see me as an opportunity to unload their fantasies onto me and expect me to engage with those fantasies after just meeting them, which feels like they want me to work for free.

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Katarina: I was never really great at dating because I get really tired and bored of it.Then, too, the amount of people thinking that sex workers can or need to be “saved” from sex work is outrageous!I love my life, I love being a sex worker and it is immediately the most unattractive thing when someone tells me they “make enough money so you can leave this job behind.” Aviva: Often when men find out about my work, they immediately start projecting their fantasies onto me and treat me like a sex worker instead of a complete, whole person they want to learn about.I'm currently on some dating apps, and make sure people know about my work and lifestyle before we meet in person.Vana: My dating life has been practically nonexistent since becoming a sex worker.

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