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Personality-wise I tend to be quite shy; I need to ...(more) ...

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Coz I do think I should stand out from them you know. Like to go for walks in the country, relax at home with good company. Sportwise, love to watch football, but like most sports. ...bored of airports, taxis, hotels, meetings etc..can't really use the words I would like to (out of respect for you all..right!!

Not in a LOUD kinda way, but I am definately not your average Joe. Love to travel around to see differing cultures and broaden your horizons. )..anyway took a year off and did the world....loved India and NZ.

Im not gonna list of an A to Z of my personality, but I promise theres something in me for everyone of you ! Now I exhibit a lot of my art.a web not allowed either!!

Anyway like cooking ( deep fried locusts and sea slugs main...(more) ...

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