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Despite bedding a bevvie of beauties, they claim they’re desperate for lasting romance – and broody for children with a new wave of sexually-liberated young women who just don’t want to commit. Talking to other single men, it rapidly became clear that while dating apps like Tinder means it’s never been easier to get sex, it’s never been harder to fall in love. Women hold the power, and it can be difficult, weird and bizarre”.

I got to know a group of these seemingly lucky men after I co-wrote the UK’s biggest ever academic study into more than 2,000 British men, released this week. You can’t have a nice conversation after mechanical sex. This sentiment was echoed by Gary Barnett, 34, social media manager from Brighton, who’s been single for three months. This new world order – plus a desire to return to more traditional ways of meeting women, dating and settling down – is meaning many men are deleting the app.

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*deletes Netflix account immediately* Truth be told, my first few months living here were relatively dry until I discovered the wonders of Tinder. If something comes along and changes how I feel then great – you never know what’s around the corner. There’s a misconception that if “you’re looking” or dating, that it means you’re looking for love. And someone who can top my Deliveroo order up to £10 so I’m no longer paying the single-person surcharge on deliveries under a tenner. I guess I’ll just keep staring like a creep at men on the tube, strategically liking Instagram pics until they notice me, or sliding into their DM’s after one too many espresso martinis.But in all seriousness, when I moved to this city to study an MA in Fashion Journalism, fresh out of university and semi-scorned from a breakup, I had this vision of me dating these rich af city banker or lawyer types in glamorous sushi restaurants and bars with serious skyline views. Everyone is way more disposable, the next best thing is just a couple of right swipes away, and people turn into commodities to be sold and marketed to via means of funny bio-lines and a well-curated selection of photos to best show off whatever you want them to believe about you. But outside the realms of work, or perhaps the gym, areas where twenty-and-thirty-somethings congregate feel more like a school disco in year 6 when the boys would sit in the corner with a bit of play-fighting maybe, whilst the girls dance along to Britney. I do think people used to be more upfront about meeting people and just come over and start talking. I thought that I’d catch eyes with 10/10s on the tube and they’d stop me to ask for my phone number. This month marks my fifth year in London and I can tell you the reality of being single all too easily. Plus, you don’t even know what that person is really like until you meet them IRL. But I think technology, smartphones, social media and dating apps have had a knock-on effect in real life as we’re all to damn scared to go up and have a chat to a hottie at the bar. You get to the point where you can’t be bothered to do it anymore”. After 50 Tinder dates, including 20 in the last two months with no sign of any ‘keepers,’ I’m over it.

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