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During this period the Waterloo Gasoline Traction Engine Company moved to Waterloo and, shortly after, the Rath Packing Company moved from Dubuque.Another major employer throughout the first two-thirds of the 20th century was the Illinois Central Railroad.In a 2007 article, the Courier covered some changes in the 40 years since, finding that housing was now mostly divided by socioeconomic status, schools still violated the desegregation plan, and black unemployment was still double that of white residents.While the white community felt East High was "integrated" with a 45% black student body, the black community pointed out that the elementary school in "East" Waterloo had only one white pupil.Among the others was the less-successful brass era automobile manufacturer, the Maytag-Mason Motor Company.On June 7, 1934, bank robber Tommy Carroll had a shootout with the FBI when he and his wife stopped to pick up gas.Protests were mostly organized by black youths aged 16–25.In August 1968, East High students Terri and Kathy Pearson gave the principal a list of grievances detailing how they felt the discrimination could be lessened.

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The name Waterloo supplanted the original name, Prairie Rapids Crossing, shortly after Charles Mullan petitioned for a post office in the town.

It is estimated that Waterloo lost 14% of its population during this time.

Today the city enjoys a broader industrial base, as city leaders have sought to diversify its industrial and commercial mix.

Waterloo suffered in the agricultural recession of the 1980s; its major employers at the time were heavily rooted in agriculture.

John Deere, the area's largest employer, cut 10,000 jobs, and the Rath meatpacking plant closed altogether, losing 2500 jobs.

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