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Even among the alternative community she embraced, the hippie-ish, New Age counterculture that so loved Killaloe’s back woods, she stood out. Dell was the woman with flowing, dark-red hair, high cheekbones and milky skin who wore a fur coat and high heels while running errands. Dell was the woman who took one lesbian lover and then another. ”When Cherrylle would say things to him that would hurt him, or … Dell ”seemed — she needed to — she seemed like a victim. The same report offered a most detailed description of Mrs. It called her: ”a rather immature, narcissistic, self-indulgent person.

Dell’s voice ”hypnotic” and thought her to be ”sweet and gentle.” Ms. Dell returned to her Boland Street home to welcome Ms. Knott would come with her to dust, mop and straighten things out, as Mrs. She was a very sickly woman, or appeared to be a very sickly woman.” She was apparently just as concerned with her husband’s health. Dell often said ”I wish his cancer would hurry up and kill him,” Mrs. Only then did Ontario Superior Court Justice James Chadwick find Mrs. Until yesterday, she had been presumed innocent in the eyes of the court, although in the eyes of her neighbours and Mr. For she was , already notorious for her flamboyant manner and outlandish stories. ”I felt like my life was being totally completely consumed by all of her needs, all of the daily things that needed to be done … In fact, a psychiatric report ordered by family court in January 1994 concluded that, of the three adults in the Dell love triangle, Ms. He wrote: We forget all the time that our life is a gift that has been given us to enjoy not to waste. Dell snuck into the bottle of wine was antifreeze — although the official finding that she put it there had to wait until yesterday. Dell for several more months because she cared about the Dell children. They were the only reason I remained in that relationship,” she said.

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