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Worldgroup provides a communication modal that bring. You can make your service accessible via modem, serial ports, TCP/IP. Worldgroup gives you the best of workgroup software and commercial online services. In every way, we will work with you to make your online venture a success.

the inside world and the ottlside world together in a secure. Novell LAN, ISDN and X.25 networks such as Compu Serve and Sprint Net. E-mail, group discussion areas, file libraries, teleconferencing, surveys and more are all built-in. So open your Windows to the powerful, smart new Worldgroup of online computing today. You can also send e-mail on the Internet to [email protected] access our home page by pointing your Web browser to

You can gateway to existing message systems via MHS or UUCP. Call your Galacticomm dealer or call us at 800- 328-1128 (or 305-583-5990 outside the U. (^GALACTICOMM Bringing your vision online nteractive Software Mlf RO'JDFT, Wt MXWs. Litrricornni Find Worldgroup arp Iradontarks of Galacticomm, Inc.

Like download files in the background, while reading new mail.

Or auto update new versions of applications transparently.

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