Sexy fem bot

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Another ethical thing to do: Make more hot male robots.

Alexa, a wireless speaker and voice command system, joins Siri and Cortana in the club of service devices voiced by women.

Sophia, however, was modeled after the wife of the engineer who created her, and Audrey Hepburn.

Sex robots are a whole other can of worms — even though, in the mechanically gyrating sense, they don’t exist yet.

More specifically, humans seems to prefer competent seeming men and sexually appealing women. Gigolo Joe is a lover bot — the sole purpose of his design is to give human women pleasure.

But the difference between a Gigolo Joe and a Stepford wife is that roboticists aren’t consistently creating Gigolo Joes in real life..“Looking back over movie history, it is difficult to find a female robot/android/cyborg who hasn’t been created (by men, of course) in the form of an attractive young woman — and therefore played by one,” writes Steve Rose in tease the concepts of power, sexuality, and ignorance through the relationships that exist between technological “females” and the human men that are their keepers.

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