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And remember – you can come up with any name you like, just get creative with it and think about what the people in the group have in common.

Internal jokes are a great inspiration for coming up with names too!

Also, you probably have different sets of friends and it’s good to have different groups for them.

Group Chat Names for the Office Whether you include the boss or not is up to you, but having a forum where you can either send work related messages, or messages for hanging out after work (might want to keep the two separate) is great.

Of course you might have internal jokes that are perfect to refer to when coming up with a name, but if not, you can try some of the below!

Group Chat Names for Brothers If you want to start a chat group for just you and your brother(s) you find some fun names below!

In that case there are some ideas for you below (some which were already mentioned in one of the categories, but which fit other kind of groups too).Truth is, you can have a lot of fun coming up with different names for different topics of discussion.And when something happens, like you are planning a trip somewhere, or some of you are invited to be bridesmaids at a wedding, you can create a separate group for that!Chatting with people through online messaging and group chats has become increasingly popular and it’s rare a day passes without friends, family and colleagues messaging one another.To liven up one’s life it can therefore be fun to name the various groups something more interesting than “Family,” “Work,” etc. If you grow tired of a name, or circumstance change so it’s no longer applicable you can just change it.

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