Sony ericsson problems updating my c902 sony ericsson

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But a quick look at the C902 gives the impression that it's gone back to basics with a straight-ahead candy bar style handset.

Okay, so it's on the slim side, with some stylish stripes, but there are no immediately obvious gimmicks or design innovations.

A lovely little slice of ice blue lights up when the camera starts up too.

Sony Ericsson's cameras have been getting steadily more sophisticated over the years and this 5-megapixel number moves things along still further.

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They'll be available in HSDPA/EDGE/GPRS form this summer, with the C702 in black and cyan, and the C902 in black and red.• Sony Ericsson also launched its first express-card HSPA 7.2Mbps down/2 Mbps up cellular modems.The Xperia, for all its sexiness and"convergence" marketing, doesn't have a 5 megapixel model.Sony Ericsson has proved itself to be no slouch when it comes to developing innovative handsets in the past.In fact, the whole phone case slides out to the side to reveal the lens.It's a much sturdier form of protection than the usual strip of a lens cover and feels securely built.

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