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Three of the board members are appointed by the Governor of South Dakota, three are appointed by Attorney General, and the remaining three are appointed by the South Dakota Supreme Court.One of the appointees by each appointing authority must be an attorney.Travelers should not confuse 511 with 911, the nationwide emergency response number.

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The members of the Board of Pardons and Paroles are: In 2015, the Legislature approved a bill allowing for the Board chairperson to request a person to serve as an auxiliary member for up to four years following their service on the Board.

For further information contact David Huft, Intelligent Transportation Systems Coordinator, South Dakota Department of Transportation, 700 East Broadway, Pierre, SD 57501-2586, 605.773.3358, [email protected]

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The Board of Pardons and Paroles is administered under the jurisdiction and direction of the Department of Corrections but retains quasi-judicial, quasi-legislative, advisory and other non-administrative functions independent of the Department of Corrections.

The Board is required by state statute to meet at least once every three months in a public forum, and during the first meeting of each year, they select the chairperson for the Board.

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