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The MONASH school of art backed this institution and in turn was backed by the training barracks for the mounted police.

The image of knights in day glow was perhaps the best evidence of life imitating art I have seen for some time.

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Mine is a voyeuristic view restricted to, relatively speaking, a single moment in time and by necessity an – a priori – filling in the gaps with broad swaths of colour, of course to suit.

I think design should grow from the organic and that means sometimes getting your hands dirty, being part of something, talking to people, living life in the raw, getting sore feet from walking and in the case of Melbourne enjoying the culture and nightlife that the city has to offer.

It is a friendly place; the late nights and quiet streets felt safe, the people were polite.

With his personal recommendation on the best laneway coffee I headed down to Jungle Juice on Centre Place and reengaged with my espresso habit (3 per day anyone) and perched on a plastic drinks crate I chatted with the inhabitants and watched the world go by on a fine Anzac day morning.

On the subject of live music I was pointed in the direction of Brunswick, just go I was advised, listen at each bar and find one you like.that’s a strategy I know, back in the burbs as teenagers before cell phones were invented we did just that, drove around, stopped the car and listened for a party.. The 80’s get a mention, not sure if I miss them, lived through it, but hey who wouldn’t want to be… And I think that is my approach, you know it is easy as a a design professional to cultivate a detached critical view, but for me that veers to close to design as a clinical enterprise and avoids to my mind a very necessary engagement.

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