Steven ward dating advice 8 tips dating after 40

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I always encourage clients, family, fans and friends to make one of those initiatives enlisting the support of others.

After all, its the been the number one way to meet your match for over 70 years.

The authors point out that since the mid 1940′s the number one way of meeting your match has been through “friends” (or matchmakers).

It became increasingly more likely that you would meet your match this way until the late nineties when it suddenly started becoming more likely that you would meet your match online or at a bar or restaurant.

But in case you weren’t already aware of this, a recent study from concluded, after polling one hundred people, that the majority of women using dating apps experience some type of harassment.

The interesting part came when the researchers determined which apps attract the most unwarranted attention.

Over the last 15-20 years the fastest growing way of meeting people has been online, but thanks to mobile tech disrupting online dating, it has plateaued and more couples started meeting their match again in a restaurant/bar than online.

There were a couple of studies conducted in the late 60’s that determined way back then that 93% of communication is nonverbal.There was a brief period of time when more couples met online than in person.Once it went from plausible, to likely that you would meet your match online, suddenly the thought that you could meet your match in a bar/restaurant didn’t seem so unlikely.If producing a meaningful relationship is the goal, what is the most efficient and effective way of achieving it? So I instruct every one of my clients to write a Mission Statement for their love life. If your objective seems feasible and you have determined the mission, the next step is to perform a classic SWOT analysis.In other words, how much capital and labor do you have at your disposal? Only after putting the goal into perspective can you assess your likelihood of achieving it. Once you’ve given yourself the stark self-assessment it takes for any business, individual or organization to grow, and you’ve accounted for your resources (capital and labor), you can develop concurrent strategic initiatives that must be followed in order to achieve your goal.

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