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Boundaries are important in both personal and physical boundaries—one of the most common boundary differences you’ll encounter in online dating is how important physical intimacy is to each person. These are all important questions to ask yourself and see what you believe, so you don't risk putting yourself in danger by not setting clear boundaries and sticking to them.This is one of the most common mistakes I see in my friends is that they say they want something potentially serious, yet as soon as the other makes it clear they only want something more casual, my friends change their minds to fit what the other person wants (and vice versa). It may be helpful to write your personal boundaries or guidelines down and review it after your dates.No matter how eclectic your interests and tastes are, there is most likely someone out there for you.If you are already experimenting with online dating or if you are hesitant about the idea, below are 8 mindsets that I found helpful to keep in mind when I had been exploring the online dating world.You’re going to meet different people, and they or you are sometimes not going be of interest to the other person.In order for you to enjoy your experience, you have to be able to not take another person’s disinterest as a personal rejection.

These things won’t become apparent on the first date, but as you get to know him or her look out for things that may clue you in to their values.You learn so much about a person when you meet for the first time that you will never know online.Much of people’s compatibility with each other is dependent on how you get along.It is not an indictment that something is wrong with you or that you’re boring or not good enough, but simply that you’re not the right match for each other.Each person comes in with their own sets of life experiences that have molded them into the person they are today.

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