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It just proves that girls are more attracted to confidence and personality than looks. Get creative, surprise her with little momentos, she'll appreciate these items.

I've met guys who try to impress girls with big gifts, however the the truth is the ladies comprehend the smaller gifts additional generally.

Keep women happy rule #3 - This one is pretty simple: Appreciate her.

Never take your woman with no consideration, remind her every so often why you value her, what you find so irresistable about her.

Basically what this means is - don't obviously ogle over other girls.He has a clinical hypnotherapy practice in Los Angeles and is dedicated to helping you become the best, happiest version of you.NEW ARTICLE - WHAT' S MAKING NEW YORKERS UNHAPPY?This can eventually eliminate the attraction, along with the relationship. If you conquer a female's friends and/or family, you will get major points.Keep yourself fresh, groom yourself, obtain a new t-shirt once in a blue moon. She can now trust you'll more, this also only increases your value. Offer her some support and she or he will appreciate you for it. Keep women happy rule #10 - Continually be open to try interesting things.

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