Teen dating advice 101

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While these relationships are an exciting time for Christian teens, they also come with their own issues and hazards.Suddenly the issues of sex and boundaries start to arise, and teens find themselves having to choose sides on "hot button" topics like homosexuality and abortion.Knowing what you want from a dating relationship and finding ways to resist temptation will allow you to build a productive and Christian dating relationship.The Bible covers sex quite a bit, and for good reason.Bonus: There's no need to worry about STIs or pregnancy.You might think it only counts as sex if you reach an orgasm, but that's absolutely not true.But when it comes to Masturbation does not equal sex, and has nothing to do with your virginity.

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" Knowing what the Bible says about sex and understanding the lies teens tell themselves about sex can help you remain abstinent and focus on purity.

When it comes to hooking up, some terms are clearer than other.

You and your friends all probably agree that kissing with tongue is called a French kiss, and that "second base" means boobs are involved somehow.

But even with testing, you still need to use condoms.

There's no Official Book of Sex Rules that details exactly what percentage of a penis has to be inserted in order for it to count as Real Sex. And again, no matter how far in he got, condoms are a must. (And BTW, even if pregnancy isn't a risk with either one, STIs , so use protection.)Sex doesn't require a penis.

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