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You can slay a few monsters in the mines if you have an itch for action, craft items and even customize your character’s appearance.

Ultimately, it’s a love letter to Harvest Moon, so it’s worth playing both.

Mass Effect Mass Effect is known for many things, but perhaps its most praised aspect is its extremely well-written characters, many of whom you can form romances with (and some of those romances are excellent).

Few games let you smooch bird-cat hybrid aliens with no lips or someone whose face is obstructed by a helmet, but it’s a testament to the caliber of the writing that these are some of the most beloved characters in gaming.

Harvest Moon games give you daily opportunities to make wonderful memories with your farm animals and fellow townspeople.

Stardew Valley Stardew Valley is the more progressive version of Harvest Moon in many ways.

Dragon Age Contrary to Mass Effect, which centers a trilogy on Commander Shepard and a separate game on Ryder, Dragon Age has you play as a new character in every game.

And you know what this means: more characters to woo.

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