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But he was anxious and could hardly wait for her to finish eating.The old woman was touched by the generosity of this man. The man had barely finished preparing the table for the Master again when someone knocked at the door.When the stranger left, the man again prepared everything for the Master. Quickly he gathered the clothes he had intended to give the Master, and he covered the child with the clothes. The man prepared everything again for the Master, and then he waited until it was very late.

Fortunately, the esoteric Toltec knowledge was embodied and passed on through generations by different lineages of from the Eagle Knight lineage, has been guided to share with us the powerful teachings of the Toltec.He cleaned his entire house, prepared the most wonderful meal, and made the table look beautiful.His heart was full of joy because the Master would soon be there.THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO, THE TOLTEC WERE known throughout southern Mexico as "women and men of knowledge." Anthropologists have spoken of the Toltec as a nation or a race, but, in fact, the Toltec were scientists and artists who formed a society to explore and conserve the spiritual knowledge and practices of the ancient ones.They came together as masters ( were forced to conceal the ancestral wisdom and maintain its existence in obscurity.

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