Tight chest sedating triple warmer

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My suspicion is that triple warmer is robbing vital energy from her whole body, especially spleen.Just getting those two into balance and keeping them there might correct an awful lot.It is also more common in people with heart failure, whose heart muscle is unable to pump the extra amount of fluid in the blood so the fluid backs up into the lungs.Severe blood loss from major surgery may cause anemia, reducing the number of red blood cells so there are not enough to carry oxygen throughout the body.

I energy tested her and found that she was homolateral, her energies were running backward, and she was very tender at almost all of her lymphatic sites.This air accumulation, called a pneumothorax, is particularly likely after chest surgery or after the insertion of a central line -- an intravenous tube in a large chest or neck vein.As some causes of shortness of breath after surgery are potentially life-threatening, always report any difficulty breathing after an operation to your doctor.Blockage, or narrowing, may occur anywhere in the airway from the mouth to the lungs.After surgery, the mouth, tongue, vocal cords and throat can swell or muscles in these areas can go into spasm, causing narrowing of the airway and difficulty getting air into the lungs.

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