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I like to really emphasize the idea that love should be an obvious decision after considering a very large set of options.

Not necessarily some kind of magical and fated connection with “the one”.

They also think think that finding “true love” is ultimately beyond their control.

Once single men realize they’re sick of being single and want to find a long term girlfriend, it’s this kind of mindset that hold them back from success in love.

Who says that a date needs to be longer than 1 hour.

Well, that is just my reasoning when it comes to dating.

If love really is something you want in life, (and who doesn’t?

) read on to figure out what’s really going on and how giving priority to the search for your perfect soulmate will change your life for the better. The dating game can be tough for someone who’s playing for keeps.

I mean, if you say you are too busy with work but then you still go out with other people, then you are no longer prioritizing work as you claimed.

Of course, we have the right to choose whom we interact with in our spare time, but it is important to understand and realize that being dishonest can be damaging to your friendships and also relationships.

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