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1037pm: HMS Gannet, Royal Navy shore base at Prestwick, Ayrshire, and home of a squadron of Sea Kings is alerted.

One Sea King picks up an Aberdeen medical team and flies to foe Tharos.

Wi ..LAST WEEK'S AVERAGE DAILY SALE 443,000 No 63,128 Op. V’SJVT' By David Sapsted, Andrew Morgan and Roth Gledh Ol A boild-Up of lethal gas, nservoino maintain press- wera trcated at 1 odourless and un^ ^as the investigation began noticed, was believea intotfae causes, the rescue las t night to. ,__ March which involved 43 The inquiry will centre on fi . I should also like to express my admirati o n for to g allant efforts of the firefighting, res¬ cue and medical services in preventing even greater loss of life.” _ Disaster timetable Survivors* stories. compi«aon chamber which is built m one niece and lifted onto the platform to fit like a jigsaw into the final construction.

lion platfonn m tne Eoin Kerr, a radio North Sea, lea ving l oo officer at Wick, sai± men - dead, including “About four minutes later a three rescuers. It sounded as though the situa¬ tion on the rig was pretty horrendous.” The last message he heard from the unidentified radio¬ man was: “We’re abandoning the rig. Mr John Brading, Occidental’s UK chairman, said: “It would appear that the first explosion occurred due to an escape of gas in the ‘C module. “Eight vessels in the im¬ mediate vicinity of Piper ren¬ dered assistance in rescue and fire fighting “The damage to the plat¬ form is obviously extensive and includes the complete destruction of three of the four major plant modules housing the Oil " J - between the first and the last and gas separation explosion, which finally tore it facilities, gas condensate P - 3 hithat a ^cuers aboard the sup- JSSg Ser S«L«SBSSiii night admi^ Mwever. We didn’t know what was there, it could have been another deck. I dived about 50 ft, totally Six words launched huge rescue operation One of the largest rescue operations ever seen in the North Sea began on Wednesday at 9.58pm when the Aberdeen coastguard received a mayday call from an oil rig support vessel, the Lowland Cavalier.

1037pm; Royal Navy Sea King from Prestwick, Strathclyde, is told to fly to Lossiemouth.

10.45pm: Shetland coastguard te Os Pitreavie it has a helicopter airborne from Sumburgh.

1039pm: RAF Nimrod based at Kinloss, Grampian, is scrambled to provide overhead surveillance and coordinate helicopters.

1032pm: An RAF Sea King returning to RAF Lossiemouth, Grampian, is ordered to refuel and fly out to the disaster scene.

Among the features tested were lines of communication, procedures for the control of a fire and the release of hydro¬ gen sulphide came through from Piper The Government ord- Alpha saying that there was a . It was just a matter of having to do something -It was stay and get toasted or jump and chance it in the water. There was another lad with me - I don’t know who he was but 1 know he was all right. The message was short “An explosion on the Piper Alpha". * Nimrod command post rig's “C” module »h K* je- ^Tcominue today in thc M- mile exclusion zone unpos M. The Queen said in her mess¬ age of sympathy: “I was shocked to hear of the dreadful disaster which befell the Piper Alpha platfonn last night My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the injured and bereaved.on the same charge and }he jurv was discharged after rail¬ ing to reach verdicts on Brian Perry, aged 48, a mini-cab operator of Meadowcroft, Main Road. The prosecution alleged that all defendants were in¬ volved in the conversion of £7.5 million proceeds from ihe robbery into an £18 million property empire. a solicitor who worked for the Police Federa¬ tion, had by the time of his arrest sold his practice to concentrate on property dealing- John Pncc Chairman, Arthur Price ft England. A mayday call may have been made but it is not received by the nearest coastguard at Aberdeen. 10.02pm: The rescue centre at Pitreavie receives a request for help.Biggin Hill, Kent, and Jacqueline Mc Avoy, aged 32, of Bird-in-Hand Lane, Bickley. .11 1 1 was in I'JCC thai my pr.wiiathi T msl started to do Mijn and prod u« his nw n tju alii v sils or pbitil and ■•Liin lv T.b ALitel m tkw Ht-alsridiinded that it hi? The money was smuggled abroad, then secretly brought back to Britain. | ..i n-—.,-- - | i w send me a Free full colour brochure, and a ha til appointed swetew where I 1 can use mv soeoal £10 voucher. 938pm: A mayday call from the Lowland Cavalier is picked up by the Aberdeen coast¬ guards on the international distress frequency, 2182 medium wave. 10.05pm: Maritime radio officer at British telecom station at Wick, Highland, in direct radio contact with Piper Alpha.

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