Two divorcees dating

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Even though she wasn't quite as orderly as Jonah, Leopoldine's status as somebody who had been married also seemed to set her apart from me.

She was getting ready to buy her rental house off of her landlord, as she made more than my skimpy an hour wage.

Aside from a few wedded friends, marriage is uncharted territory for me. When I met two divorcees and started dating them simultaneously, I couldn't help but view their experiences as windows into the institution.

We talked about my exes, too: what went wrong, what they had been thinking, how it had affected us.

That was a lot of pressure for just a casual fling.

I realized that Leopoldine was using me as a stand-in for an emotionally reciprocal relationship, only I didn't think that the emotionally reciprocal relationship she wanted was with me. It was subtle, but every morning, he'd throw my clothes down the laundry chute by reflex.

After a few dates, we didn't seem to have much spark.

Still, she sent me heart emojis and kissy faces, and if I forgot to write back, she feared I was angry or upset.

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