Updating a portable navigation system

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Our reliable, full-featured car GPS navigators take the doubt out of driving.

As you make your daily commute or embark on a highway adventure, our navigators are here to help.

The cost depends on the system you select and the cost of labor at the dealership, but generally drivers can expect it to cost a little less than a factory-installed system.

It has the same drawbacks as a factory-installed system, as well as a few others.

But you may not know that On Star also offers turn-by-turn navigation, similar to other navigation systems on the market; however, it doesn't display a map.

A lot of consumers like this option because it means the system fits seamlessly into the vehicle.

This allows Tom Tom owners to upload their own map changes to a online website tool – however, Tom Tom will never actually guarantee the accuracy of these map updates which is a shame.

Should you want to get official Tom Tom upgrades then you will need to go and register the product with them and then connect your GPS up to the Tom Tom Home site where you can check out all the currently available options.

The portable in-car GPS device is one of the best selling tech gadgets from the last decade, but in recent years has faced fierce rivals and competition with the new arrival of smartphone navigation and on-phone applications that also offer turn by turn GPS navigation directions.

Many different phone manufacturers will promise you free navigation, but do in fact fail to say that data roaming fees can actually add meaning that smartphone GPS navigation is not ever really truly free.

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