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This works well for personal Web sites, and is customizable enough for... CONFIGURATION Note that you have to create the table guest.

Konstrukt:: Plugin::guestbook:: DBI is a Konstrukt guestbook. You may turn on the install setting (see "CONFIGURATION" in Konstrukt:: Handler) or use the...

It features page spanning, email notification for the admin, administration section for easy deletion of messages and updating, and multiple language support is also included.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, *nix, PHP, BSD Solaris Open Guestbook is a PHP Guestbook, powered by My SQL on backend.

It includes fields for AOL instant messenger contacts, e-mail, location, message, and name.

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Platforms: Windows, Unix, Linux If you need a guestbook on your website, you are in the right place.

This requires a good text editor (or better, a dedicated XML editor).

Of course, you can always just use the defaults without changing anything!

Also the files are fully commented to explain the working of the guestbook. It is fully customisable using HTML templates - so the guestbook can be fully integrated with your website.

The entries are saved in a plain text file, for easy editing, and there is a naughty word filter...

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