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Please consider upgrading to a newer device by logging in to My Verizon, or visit the Black Berry site for support or the Verizon Community where you can post your question to find answers.

I am using a Blackberry 8830 device from past few months and now it is running quiet slowly and hence i think that to re install the software on Blackberry 8830 in order to optimize the performance of the Blackberry 8830 device.

In 2003, the monochrome models were revised to include a color screen, while retaining the same form factor and casing.

Early color models, such as the 7230, typically used a dim electroluminescent backlight, leading to an initial reputation of poor image quality.

Most of these models were the first Black Berry models that had a built-in mobile phone, were the first models that natively ran Java, and transmitted data over the normal 2G cellular network.

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RIM expanded the market by introducing the first Black Berry models without a discrete QWERTY keyboard, in the candybar form factor.The use of a QWERTY-like layout took advantage of people's memory of the computer keyboard, since each button was roughly relative to each key.At the same time, the size of the Black Berry could be dramatically reduced, as keyboards only needed to be 5-buttons wide rather than 10-buttons wide.In this progression of models, the additions include better quality screens, more memory, built-in chat software, first cameraphone, micro SD memory card slot, built-in mapping software, and other consumer-specific features.The Black Berry Pearl 8100 was the first Black Berry without a trackwheel, which was replaced by a miniature trackball to enable full 4-way and mouse-style navigation on a Black Berry.

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