Updating clam antivirus in ubuntu

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Although viruses in Unix-like operating system is uncommon, Clam AV is still handy if you want to weed out those viruses from spreading through your mail system and using your computer server as a vector.

Using Clam AV Using Clam AV is easy, to scan for viruses you only need to use the ‘clamscan’ command $ clamscan /home/mypapit/mypapit.js: OK /home/mypapit/ubuntu_service.png: OK /home/mypapit/style.css: OK /home/mypapit/repo1.png: OK /home/mypapit/bg_button2.jpg: OK /home/mypapit/repo1tn.png: OK /home/mypapit/Chi Square Distribution.zip: OK /home/mypapit/javapackage.png: OK /home/mypapit/jdk14.png: OK Note that Clam AV has a policy of ‘sanitizing’ any files infected by viruses, that means it will delete the files permanently (it has no ‘heal’ or ‘repair’ option).

To do this, open a Terminal window by clicking Accessories - Terminal. Note When Clam Anti Virus is first installed, it automatically grabs the latest database file, so Clam Tk will probably report it's already up to date the first time an update is run.

It's also possible to update Clam Anti Virus without using Clam Tk—just type sudo freshclam in a terminal window.

With the unexpectedly poor showing of the latest version of Windows, more and more people are turning to Linux. The guide below looks at installing the open source Clam TK software, and is extracted from Chapter 9 of Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Second Edition (published April 2007).

The entire chapter looks at security, including common-sense Linux security measures and also configuring a bullet-proof The following instructions describe how to install Clam Tk, which is a graphical front-end for the Clam Anti Virus (Clam AV) antivirus program (

Updating Virus Database Keeping up to date with Clam AV is easy, you just need to run freshclam to download the latest virus database from Clam AV servers.

The official website for Clam AV is on hopefully with this post, you can explore more option about fighting viruses on Linux based operating system.

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This is because, at the time of this writing, there is a bug in the Clam Anti Virus software package for Ubuntu 6.10 that means a minor extra step is necessary to install it.

This should be done every time you scan and can be done using the Clam Tk program.

Note When you installed Clam Anti Virus, it added a background service called freshclam that periodically downloads updates for Clam Anti Virus's database.

Clam AV is a GNU/GPL Antivirus application made for Unix-like operating system.

It is primarily use to detect viruses and remove infected files from email attachements.

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