Updating database using datagridview in vb net

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To solve the problem you need to either re-query the database after each insert, or add the item to tables(0) data structure in addition to the Access table after each insert. Datasource=nothing datagridview.refresh dim str as string = "select * from database" using cmd As New Ole Db. You're only querying the database for data in the load event, so if the database changes after that you're not going to know about it.Ironically, at the beginning of the process, it gives you options to add, delete and Update from the View.What more do I need to setup to get the application to be able to add and update data.Bound mode is suitable for managing data using automatic interaction with the data store. One very common use of the Data Grid View control is binding to a table in a database. Hi Everyone, I am creating a visual basic application that links to a table in a SQL Server database.

updating database using datagridview in vb net-64

I want to write back the updated values to the database so that they are available for next read. With the Table Adapter, it persisted somehow so that I could refer to it in the code for the button. Fill(ds Supplies, "Local Groceries") tbl Local Groceries = ds Supplies. Data Source = tbl Local Groceries Catch ex As Exception Msg Box("Something has gone wrong..." & vb New Line & ex. Connection String = "Data Source=IPS-03042013\sqlexpress; Initial Catalog=Sql To Vb Examples; Integrated Security=True" ds Supplies = New Data Set da Local Groceries = New Sql Data Adapter("SELECT * FROM GROCERIES", o Con) '*** Define command builder to generate the necessary SQL Dim builder As Sql Command Builder = New Sql Command Builder(da Local Groceries) builder. Update(tbl Changes) End If Catch ex As Exception Msg Box("Something has gone wrong..." & vb New Line & ex.I am a novice at VB and learning it only for a library project, hence find it difficult to understand and implement statements that deal with SQLs in the code. thanks Private adapter As New Sql Data Adapter("SELECT * FROM My Table", "connection string here") Private builder As New Sql Command Builder(adapter) Private table As New Data Table Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles My Base. Load 'Query the database and populate the Data Table.

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