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From Windows Vista onward, LGP allow Local Group Policy management for individual users and groups as well, and also allows backup, importing and exporting of policies between standalone machines via "GPO Packs" – group policy containers which include the files needed to import the policy to the destination machine.Group Policy Preferences are a way for the administrator to set policies that are not mandatory, but optional for the user or computer.There is a set of group policy setting extensions that were previously known as Policy Maker.Microsoft bought Policy Maker and then integrated them with Windows Server 2008.

Configuration of the client is performed via Group Policy.Microsoft has since released a migration tool that allows users to migrate Policy Maker items to Group Policy Preferences.Group Policy Preferences adds a number of new configuration items.Where a Group Policy Preference Settings is configured and there is also an equivalent Group Policy Setting configured, then the value of the Group Policy Setting will take precedence.WMI filtering is the process of customizing the scope of the GPO by choosing a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) filter to apply.

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