Updating mutiple links in excel

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People's photos or initials will pop up to show you who is editing the spreadsheet and different users' edits will be highlighted in different colors.Earlier versions of Excel support a feature called shared workbooks.At one time, people would share Excel files and other documents by emailing them back and forth or coordinating times to open them on a shared drive.But nowadays, you can use Excel with multiple users simultaneously assuming everyone's using a modern version of the software.

I realize some will link to cells that have been removed but from what I can see the majority of them would be OK. It looked like they had been replaced with something like this:../App Data/Roaming/Microsoft/Excel/Worship Songs/There Is None Like You.doc"There Is None Like You" is the name of one of the songs in the excel sheet and is the example I used. I ask that you please give me thorough and clear guidance, remembering that I have never used macros before. Sub Find Replace HLinks(s Find As String, s Replace As String, _ Optional l Start As Long = 1, Optional l Count As Long = -1) Dim r Cell As Range Dim hl As Hyperlink For Each r Cell In Active Sheet. If I save the document "C:" becomes "../../../"How can I save the document and keep "C:"? One problem I was having is in my search, a space had been replaced with , and the macro would not find the search string. Hi,some other people have the same problem, but I don't see anyone has answered. I can't get it to change all the links in the active sheet.

Once you're connected, upload your spreadsheet document and click the file once it appears in the online system to open it. If you only see a button that says Edit in Browser, click it first, then Edit in Excel.

If the program asks which version of Excel to use, choose Excel 2016.

She wonders if there is an easy way to fix them back to the shared network drive. Thanks Sub Hyperlink()Dim wks As Worksheet Dim hl As Hyperlink Dim s Old As String Dim s New As String Set wks = Active Sheet s Old = "C: Users Home Desktop" s New = "E:temp" For Each hl In wks. For instance, do you get an error or is the result not what you expected or is the macro doing nothing... I'm having the same problem that Jeff mentioned, where the macro will only update one cell at a time, but SOMETIMES it will do two or three. Is something terminating the macro before it can finish? autosave after pc crash deleted my hyperlink base folder location and redirected all hyperlinks by creating absolute links to the autosave directory: with this macro I replaced the absolute link path (all the text in the hyperlinks before my base folder, copied into s Old = "...." with s New = "" (nothing) - but I also had to redefine my hyperlink base (in 2010, File, click on properties in right panel and choose advanced properties then at the bottom of the summary tab, voila there is the place to redefine your hyperlink base! I just updated a spreadsheet containing over 34000 hyperlinks to network drawings using your macro. Here's what I have: Sub Fix Hyperlinks() Dim wks As Worksheet Dim hl As Hyperlink Dim s Old As String Dim s New As String Set wks = Active Sheet s Old = "../../Wacky Files/KMP/" s New = "\Pserver Staff Share KMP" For Each hl In wks. However, I have followed all the instructions and the macro button (assigned to this macro I created) is not working. This would not be so bad, but I have about 3000 addresses to change. @Hunter: The Replace function translates to a space. Address truncates everything after and incuding # (hash sign).

At first blush it might seem that you could use Excel's regular Find and Replace feature to find the hard drive designation (as in file://c:) and replace it with a network drive (as in file://shareddrive). Address Next End Sub This will tell you if your "mouse over" shown hyperlink is the same as the actual hyperlink that is in your file that you are trying to change What was the case: My hyperlink when "mouse over" shows as: file:///\NETWORK_NAME\MAP_NAME_WHERE_EXCELFILE_IS_LOCATED\FINAL_DESTINATION_MAP\ETCETCETCWhile the actual hyperlink is shown as: ..\FINAL_DESTINATION_MAP\ETCETCETC..\ replaces all the network routing till the map the excelfile is located in. WOW - WOW - WOW - WOWThis worked - I had over 300 Hyperlinks on 8 different worksheets that, after, crash, all of them were changed to some roaming file on my c-drive. Thanks so much for posting When I try to run this, I get "runtime error 7, out of memory". I have tried as here below but not working as well, what did I do wrong? Address, s Old, s New) Next hl End Sub I would appreciate your help. I shudder to think of how long it would have taken to update each one individually. So replacing s Old = " " with s Old = " " will do the job. Hunter: I expect the issue is the search string is a null string, which means that it will not be found since all your strings contain something. Sub b()Sub Fix Hyperlinks() Dim wks As Worksheet Dim hl As Hyperlink Dim s Old As String Dim s New As String Set wks = Active Sheet s Old = " Guide.docx" s New = " Guide.docx" For Each hl In wks.

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