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Display the contents of the installed gems The contents command lists the files in an installed gem.

The listing can be given as full file names, file names without the installed directory prefix or only the files that are requireable.

If you are packaging Ruby Gems all of Ruby Gems’ defaults are in lib/rubygems/

You may override these in lib/rubygems/defaults/operating_Download a gem and place it in the current directory The fetch command fetches gem files that can be stored for later use or unpacked to examine their contents.

The dependency list can be displayed in a format suitable for piping for use with other commands.

Display information about the Ruby Gems environment The environment command lets you query rubygems for its configuration for use in shell scripts or as a debugging aid.

gem install clickatell -V GET Found HEAD reset after 2 requests, retrying HEAD Found gem update --system -V Updating Ruby Gems GET 302 Found: reset after 2 requests, retrying HEAD 302 Found: reset after 2 requests, retrying HEAD 302 Found: ERROR: does not appear to be a repository ERROR: While executing gem ...

(Gem:: Remote Fetcher:: Fetch Error) Errno:: ETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out - connect(2) ( which is of course just an update of the gem itself.

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If you would like to push gems to a private gem server the RUBYGEMS_HOST environment variable can be set to the URI for that server.See the build command help for an example of unpacking a gem, modifying it, then repackaging it.Generates the index files for a gem server directory The generate_index command creates a set of indexes for serving gems statically.Some Ruby applications require Ruby version 1.9 and higher, so they cannot run properly on stock Cent OS.To upgrade Ruby on Cent OS, you can build and install Ruby from the source.

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