Updating vehicle registration who is trey songz dating 2016

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But, you should take the vehicle log book with you so you can register it in the country you move to.

Follow these simple steps if you have changed your name.

inform the DVLA any time your registered address changes or you get a new name (e.g. It is the law for all cars, lorries, and motorcycles registered in the United Kingdom. Besides that, you will not get the DVLA tax reminder form V11 or a vehicle tax refund if the wrong address is on your V5C.

So, you must send the updated V5C to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to change your address or name.

It is quite often that they seek to contest everything, as they have no idea how this hashappened.

It is necessary to work backwards from the sentence, to the offence date.

Although the majority of us will update our V5C Log Book there are countless of owners whodo not.

Are you unsure how to update your name as the registered keeper?

Important: Do not tick the box reserved for 'new keeper' (or fill in your name) if you are using the old style form.

You must also change driving licence address and vehicle tax Direct Debit (if you pay that way).

Some are of the view that updating their driving licence also updates the V5C Log Book, unfortunately not!

Perhaps the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)should give some a reminder especially when an address changes on the licence.

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