Updating web directory and global address book

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I've found some info on the Internet that might suggest my Outlook account/profile or something might have become corrupt because of this and that's the reason why my contacts are not listed in the Address Book.

A global address list allows both administrators and users to find fellow employees' email addresses and send them messages.When I click the big Contacts button in the lower left, I can see all contacts I've created the last couple of years.But when I write a new email and click on the To-button to search/select contact from the Global Address List, I only see my co-workers and contacts in the exchange list.Can I disbale this automatic updating of my contacts?When you are using Outlook 2010 and are connected to an Exchange server, contacts which exists in both your Contacts folder and in your company’s Global Address List (GAL) are updated via the Outlook Social Connector (OSC).

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