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Neither of these things is helped by a proliferation of fonts, sizes, and colors.To make your spreadsheet easier to understand, try to pick one font and stick with it.Named ranges are also, by default, global – so when you create a named range on one sheet, you can use that name on any other sheet and it always refers back to its original location.

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Named ranges are also intrinsically absolute, so no need for dollar symbols to anchor refs.Auto-fill will also automatically increment dates and numbers for you, saving you lots of time in the process.With large sets of numbers, it can be difficult to find the values that are the most interesting or important: just the top 10 values, everything above average, duplicate values.You have gone to a great deal of trouble designing the perfect spreadsheet, so the last thing you need is someone opening it and accidentally overwriting a formula, or changing something they are not supposed to change. Excel has some great tools for protecting your work and controlling what your users can change.You can protect formula cells to stop them from being changed, stop columns or rows from being resized or even stop the user from changing the structure of the workbook by adding or deleting sheets.

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