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Rhythmic breathing (or "Lamaze" breathing) can take your focus away from pain during contractions. Guided imagery helps you relax, manage stress, and ease pain by focusing your mind on an image (such as a peaceful beach or beautiful forest) or a smell, sound, taste, or texture.Download or listen online to our guided imagery for childbirth.False labor pains usually go away if you move around, and are more noticeable when you're sitting still.

Fill your suitcase with everything you'll need to make your hospital stay comfortable.Try them out now — you may find they also help manage some of the discomforts of pregnancy.Taking slow, deep breaths is a simple way to help you relax and reduce stress.It's thought the seventh in line to the throne could be traced back to Harry's best friend Charlie Van Straubenzee's nuptials on August 4, when the couple were spotted looking loved up and celebrating her 37th birthday.Others have speculated that the tot could have been conceived during their royal tour to Dublin in July, their first trip together as a married couple.

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