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Enabling DNS Secure Only Updates This article is aimed to help start us on the right track to enabling DNS security in our organization in a way to best support all our users while protecting our resources.

You are more concerned that DNS can correctly answer all the questions it is asked, than that DNS has too many answers.

Proper DNS scavenging can help in this, while aggressive strategies can put us at risk.

You can either upload the file to the router(provided by your VPN provider) or just copy and paste the certificate text (usually found in a how-to guide on your VPN’s website).

To import your CA file, follow these steps: So now our file is successfully uploaded to the router.

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ASUSWRT also supports the PPTP and L2TP VPN protocols, but Open VPN is much more secure/flexible, and is definitely the recommended protocol. Here is the current list of supported routers: This list includes only VPNs that I have personally tested an confirmed to be working with ASUSWRT.In normal DNS only one server can be the owner of the zone and have a writable copy, in multi-master any primary server can write to the database spreading the load and often bringing a master copy of DNS closer to the end user.– Static IP addresses assigned to your servers / DHCP for clients – DNS updates are handled differently between static and dynamic allocations.As with any network change, it is aimed at impacting users and services as little as possible.This is best accomplished when other best practices have been followed in the network configuration.

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