We are dating now episode 16

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Google's announced plans to add data breach notification to Chrome.

We look at a surprising Apple i OS v12.4 regression (whoops!

This week, as expected, we look at some of the events and announcements from last week's Black Hat and DEF CON conference events.

Microsoft and Apple have upped the ante for bug hunters, the Chaos Computer Club shreds a hotel's door lock security, a serious philosophical design flaw is revealed to be present in 40 signed device drivers, and Google vows to continue its Incognito-mode battle.

We track some interesting ongoing ransomware news and look at the mixed blessing of fining companies for self-reporting breaches.

We have a quick bit of miscellany and some terrific SQRL news.

Then we look at a recent and quite sobering report from Sophos about attacks on exposed RDP servers.

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Either way, every week we endeavor to produce something interesting and important for every personal computer user. Leo also produces "This Week in Tech" (TWi T) and a number of other very popular podcasts (TWi T is America's most listened to podcast!

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