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It was not until Soviet troops approached the city that, on the afternoon of May 4, there was armed uprising.

On May 9, troops of General Vlasov, who had previously fought alongside the Wehrmacht, reached the city and were thus able to support the insurgents.

On May 27, 1942 resistance fighters managed to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich, the deputy Reichsprotektor.

When Hitler's suicide was announced in Prague on May 1, 1945, the three-day memorial service ordered from Berlin took place without resistance.

During the Prague Spring of 1968, a peaceful attempt was made to replace the prevailing authoritarian socialism with liberal reforms into a "socialism with a human face".

By order of the Soviet dictator Stalin many members of the Prague units of the Vlasov army were imprisoned as well as Vlasov himself.Immediately after the end of the war in May 1945, most of the Germans were expelled.Many of them were interned whilst roughly five thousands were killed or died in the detention centres.In the 1930s, with the growing Nazi threat, the New German Theatre in Prague was among the bastions of democracy, serving as a refuge for artists fleeing from Germany.Political developments shortly before signing of the Munich Agreement along with financial problems however led the German Theatre Association to close the theatre in September 1938.

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