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So it seems more feasable to put Molex 2.54 mm connectors or something similar into the board, using only 3 pins.Each of them would connect to a flat band cable which would then connect to a 3-pin fader of your choice mounted traditionally with washers and nuts to the outer case.This one shows a similar label, but without the “Made in Spain” tags, dating 1902-1922.That sort of indicates, that my guitar might rather be post WW II. Fretboard Rear body Side Head And at last: Is that a penciled number, #4, or is it an initial, a “y.” ?? aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.

I am grateful for any hints regarding the age and availability of the model i have.

It has the bang of a flamenco guitar, it is loud, so you can entertain even a medium stage without amplification or microphones.

At last it even fits into my tiny biking backpack, so you tend to take it anywhere, really, and due to it’s size and light weight it sits between your arms and hands without s strap nicely.

The show maintains no archive, a truly ephemeral exhibition format.

Above is a screen capture from a piece by Dutch artist Jan Robert Leegte, best known for his Scrollbar Compositions, Table Border Mural, and other sculptural works that engage with the Web or bring a sculptural sensibility to Web-based practice.

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    The same policy applies to all Canadians under federal Bill C-31, in that photo identification is not strictly required if two other pieces of acceptable official identification are provided, or another voter vouches for them.

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    So far, this has been his longest relationship to date as none of his past relationships lasted for more than two years.