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Of British and Icelandic heritage, Tommy has landed in the Seattle area, where he and his wife both do professor-ish stuff at You Dub, or the University of Washington.

He is the Chief Scientific Doctor for the comprehensive health and peak performance testing and consultation service called Nourish Balance

We then talk about the prominent fight or flight hormone, cortisol.

Understanding how to manage the chronic stressors of daily life and optimize cortisol is the secret to recovering from training, staying healthy, and minimizing disease risk.

This is author and athlete, Brad Kearns, discovering ways to be healthy, fit, and happy in hectic, high stress modern life. Take a cold plunge and expertly balanced that competitive intensity with an appreciation of the journey. He’s a qualified medical doctor, studied at Oxford and Cambridge.

He got his Ph D in neonatal brain research from the University of Oslo and then made his way over to the Seattle area.

So then all these various factors get upregulated and various inflammatory factors get upregulated because you’re going to need that cuz who is gonna look after you now, so you just have to, you have to take care of yourself.

A wallet filled with cash and credit card bills stacking up.

What’s most cool about Tommy is that he is as absolutely ankle-deep into the science of health, metabolism, and longevity as anyone on the planet, but he emphasizes the simple, practical healthy lifestyle practices above all.

He did a whole show on the Nourish, Balance, Thrive podcast channel about how owning a dog can significantly boost your health (get outside frequently, engage in spontaneous play).

Tommy explains how we respond to stress differently, and how can teach ourselves to better handle traffic jams, work stress, and even training sessions, so the stress impact is minimized.

Listen to Joel Jamieson’s podcast about Rebound Training where you can do workouts that nurture the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

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