What to expect after dating for two years Xsex

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But after three years, it turned out that Jesse wanted space, too, and had been afraid of hurting my feelings.

And with that space, our day-to-day lives, and our time together, became way better.

When we moved in together shortly after our third anniversary, things hit a crisis point: I felt like I should be "domestic" and spend a lot of time cooking and repainting our ugly-ass dinner table and engaging in other Pinterest-worthy activities.

But I was also going nuts trapped in our apartment all weekend, trying to be "domestic," while secretly obsessing over the parties my single friends were hitting without me.

But I slowly realized that holding in your farts literally makes you uptight to be around. I never used to let my boyfriends see me when I was really sick.Things finally clicked once I realized that we were still the same people we'd always been, and that we didn't have to change just because our relationship had changed.I was able to be a much better girlfriend (and roommate) once I accepted that I would always just be someone who liked parties more than ugly-ass dinner tables.She was very happy and always mentioned getting engaged but ill get to that.The past couple of months we have been having little arguments here and there.

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