When should you meet the parents dating diverged assimilation converging and accommodating

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Even if you and your girlfriend currently live together, if her parents want you to sleep in separate rooms, then do so without complaint or comment. You’re in their house and should follow their rules. Always bring a t-shirt and pajamas pants with you so that if you’re woken in the night or they walk in on you in the morning, mom’s not going to get an eyeful of your man junk. When you’re leaving, thank your girlfriend’s parents for your visit. Besides your face, it’s the first thing your girlfriend’s parents are going to be taking in when they open the door. And follow the basic rules of polite conversation: avoid controversial topics, don’t interrupt, don’t swear, etc. It’s almost always a good idea to say how nice their house is. There’s a big difference between being a kiss-up and being polite. Even if her dad intimidates you, and is clearly sizing you up, don’t act intimidated. And if you appear shifty, the parents may assume you have something to hide. But if they made you dinner or you stayed at their house, write them a thank you note.Even if you’re just having a casual dinner at their house, look presentable and put together. If the place is clearly a dump, then skip it, of course. If you’re spending the night with your girlfriend’s parents, be sure to follow the rules of being a polite houseguest. If you were an overnight guest, you can do this while still in their home; leave the note on your bed or the kitchen counter.Either way, all parties have to be ready for the meeting if you want it to be a success.

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They have made it very clear that they are only interested in meeting their kids’ partners only once they have decided that they want to marry them.

Some parents are just that way and you cannot fault them for being so set in their traditional ways.

If you have parents like these, then just play ball with them and only introduce your partner to them when things are very serious.

7 signs it’s time to meet the parents In my case, I met my fiancé’s parents at his brother’s birthday party.

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