Whitney port still dating jay lyon

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Meanwhile, the fashion world takes them all by storm daily in the fierce streets of New York.In the second half of season 1, newly single Port goes back to working for Kelly Cutrone while her friend/former co-worker, Olivia Palermo, is working at ELLE Magazine now.The first season of The City premiered on December 29, 2008 and concluded on March 16, 2009.It followed Whitney Port's move to New York City after leaving Los Angeles as she followed her dream job.

Although Jay helps her find an apartment, Whitney feels like she's getting mixed signals and decides to ask him directly where she stands.

Initially Jay says he does not want to attend the dinner party at Olivia's, but later shows up as a surprise to Whitney.

However, Olivia is upset when Whitney, Jay, and Erin leave her dinner party early.

Whitney's date with a new guy makes Jay jealous and leads him to confess his true feelings, leading to them becoming an official couple.

Erin thinks things are moving too fast with Duncan when he suggests moving in.

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