Who is demi lovato dating right now 2016

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It seems clear now that, whilst Demi was juggling her hectic routine starring in her own show and filming Camp Rock, the age gap was too much of a strain on the relationship.After the release of Camp Rock, Demi was praised for her singing and acting talent.However, Trace also explained the reasons why the relationship didn’t work out.When asked about the breakup, Trace said: “Unfortunately, we both have very busy schedules – we’re both on tour right now.

Although Demi and Joe were rumored to be dating, Nick was also super close with Demi.

Demi was given her breakthrough acting role as the lead star in Disney Channel’s Camp Rock and TV series Sonny with a Chance.

During this time, she must have met and interacted with tons of new people, and even reportedly dated a few.

Cody Linley is an actor and is most famous for his role as Jake Ryan in Disney’s Hannah Montana.

Although Demi never appeared on Hannah Montana, filming her own show at the time, she must have come into contact with Cody through working for the same network.

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