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“Carey is seething that Richard was the first to rush in and help a damsel in distress,” an insider told National Enquirer, print edition March 18, 2013. Now, “Carey is fed up with Richard’s roving eye—and his comforting Diane may be the final straw.” It seems a bit much on Carey’s part to be so upset; couldn’t Richard genuinely want to help?

“She knows he enjoys playing that role and believes he flirts with every vulnerable woman he stumbles upon.” Of course, we all know (thanks to Le Ann Rimes insightful interview) that an adulteress can’t break a marriage—it must already be broken! It says a lot when a wife automatically assumes her husband has ulterior motives!

Hang on to your hats."While the "No Country For Old Men" has moved on from his past relationship with Lane, Brolin said that he “understands he needs to talk about it" and explained what he had learned about himself from the arrest.“I was more reactive, I was more, ‘People need to know the truth,’” the actor explained of his first reaction to the incident with Lane.

Whatever I say [now] is going to sound like compensation for a perpetrator.

Liane didn't talk to her mother for the next three years, however, they reconciled later and are in a good relationship at present.

Diane Lane is an American as per her nationality and as far as her ethnicity is concerned she is White American.

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Diane Lane is an American actress born and raised up in New York City.He married Carey Lowell in 2002 and the two have a 13-year-old son, but that won’t stop him from hitting on other women!Diane Lane and Josh Brolin recently announced their split, and it seems she’s turned to none other than Richard to mend her broken heart!I’m done saying, "I’m sorry I wasn’t who you needed or wanted me to be’ to everybody in my life.co-stars and real-life couple, Bradley Whitford and Amy Landecker.

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