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That is, in the near future, most menial jobs, such as register-type jobs can and will be replaced, but the current state of AI (despite what the experts may tell you), is not good enough to replace highly-skilled workers, and moreover, highly-skilled workers have connections and can probably lobby politicians to block the implementation of such technology-saving measures.

This means, the people who are trying to engage in menial jobs will be unemployable, and those engaged in high-level jobs will retain their jobs, which brings up the inevitably of a universal income and other such political issues.

In the last few years, at convenience stores in Tokyo, the number of foreign workers has exploded. So with the basic law of supply and demand, Japanese young people can demand, and discriminate to the extreme when it comes to part-time work.

The main cause of the labor shortage in Japan is demographics: that is, the declining number of young people.

The problems engendered by this demographic shift are mostly affected in the countryside in Japan.

those most adept at performing such work) has decreased, and with the increasing development of technology making such jobs irrelevant or obsolete, this trend will likely continue in the near future.

This is not limited to Japan, but in the future, most menial jobs (such as cashiers at fast food restaurants, supermarket workers, etc. In fact, they already are becoming replaceable in terms of how advanced our technology has become, but the costs of implementing these types of technology are a heavier burden than hiring young people (or foreigners) to do these jobs, so they currently exist, but in the future (and especially if basic living wages or an increase of minimum wages is approved, these jobs will disappear within weeks; you can bet on that.

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