Who is ricky berens dating

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Ryan Lochte is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church).

And now I’m really glad I did it because,” like the swim team’s Olympic year and the celebration Monday of that season, “it turned out to be something really special.” Allison Schmitt, Bob Bowman, Bob Costas, Cullen Jones, Dana Vollmer, Donald Trump, Elisabeth Beisel, Gary Hall Jr., Jim Gaffigan, Jimmy Feigin, Kara Lynn Joyce, Katie Ledecky, Matt Grevers, Michael Bloomberg, Michael Phelps, Milorad Cavic, Missy Franklin, Nathan Adrian, Rebecca Soni, Ricky Berens, Ryan Lochte, s OMAHA — Eleven years ago, the incomparable Ian Thorpe turned in a swim of refined beauty in the 200 meter freestyle.

“It’s just — just amazing to be here,” said Katie Ledecky, the Maryland high school sensation who took home two awards, “breakout performer” and “female race of the year,” for her dominating 800 freestyle victory in London.

She said of the London Games, “I just had a blast … I love you.” “I’ve never been on a team that was a close as this one,” Dana Vollmer, the 100 fly winner who swam in the world record-breaking, gold medal-winning 4 x 100 women’s medley relay, along with Franklin, Rebecca Soni and Allison Schmitt, said.

It has been even better to be your friend.” A few moments later came Phelps, introduced by the strange-but-awesome pairing of Donald Trump and Gary Hall Jr., the former sprint champion — on a night when the invite said, “Black Tie” — wearing, indeed, a funky black-and-white tie draped over a black T-shirt that blared out in pink letters, “Barbie,” the ensemble dressed up with a black jacket.

Phelps, Trump allowed, was “a friend of mine.” He riffed a little bit more, “You think he’s going to win?

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