Windows xp group policy not updating

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Local and domain policies (if a computer is in the Active Directory domain) can be applied to the computer and its users.The Group Policies are an excellent means to configure a system and able to increase its performance and security.Incorrect configuration of the Group Policies can result in more serious problems, like inability to start snap-in or even all programs, the loss of the administrator privileges, or a restrict to local logon. This section describes how to forcefully reset all current Group Policy settings in Windows.However, first we will describe some of the principles of the operation of administrative group policy templates in Windows.I have about 100 of these puppies to manage via GPO. After much testing and trial and error, I have learned the following: Sometimes, it is the case that a registry key that is normally created in HKCU can also be created in HKLM.All examples that I found with google point to modifying the HKCU key for this key.Here is one set of commands that works in the console but fails in GPO: set o Registry = Get Object("winmgmts:!

This method involves using the GUI of the local Group Policy Editor console (gpedit.msc) to disable all configured policies.Create Key HKEY_CURRENT_USER, str Key Path o Registry.Set DWORDValue HKEY_CURRENT_USER,str Key Path,str Value Name,drtval drtval is 0 or 1 depending on whether I enable or disable the registry tools. The particular workstation I am testing this on is an XP Pro.Thus, you can turn off all the settings of the administrative GPO templates.The above method of resetting group policies in Windows is suitable for the simplest cases.

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