Xerces validating Chatting with girls in kerala

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You can nominate more than one profile to validate against java -jar org.hl7c:\temp\-version 3.0 -ig hl7us.core#1.0.1 -profile Definition/us-core-patient -profile Definition/example If the implementation guide doesn't specify a global profile for the relevant type, you'll get an error.

If you want to use another terminology server, you can specify one using the -tx parameter: External codes are not validated when run like this. when creating examples for implementation guides or when checking for potential interoperability issues with a new communication partner), it can be useful to know when data elements are present in an instance when those elements are not "must Support" in the profile(s) the instance is being validated against.Looking at the ANT documentation for the task you are using: https://ant.apache.org/manual/Tasks/it seems to have a disable DTD attribute but I'm not sure if it would help you or not.Regards, Radu Hello Radu, It seems that it is not possible to use xerces parser to do that (see https://xerces.apache.org/xerces2-j/faq-pcfp.html#faq-4).If the parameter -output is defined, a file will be created to contain the output.The file will contain an Operation Outcome, or if more than one resource is found, a Bundle of Operation Outcome resources The validator checks the resource against the base specification.

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