Xmlvalidatingreader read

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As said the example does schema validation by using the schema given in the xsi:no Namespace Schema Location but if you want to add the schema manually then it looks like this Name Table name Table = new Name Table(); Xml Namespace Manager namespace Manager = new Xml Namespace Manager(name Table); Xml Parser Context parser Context = new Xml Parser Context(null, namespace Manager, null, Xml Space.None); Xml Validating Reader xml Validator = new Xml Validating Reader(xml Markup, Xml Node Type. Validation Event Handler = new Validation Event Handler(Validation Handler); xml Validator. Add("", "test2005042101Xsd.xml"); where the first argument is "" for no namespace and where "test2005042101Xsd.xml" is the (relative) URL where the schema is.my hope was that these errors were being caused by trying to use Read-time validation on a Reader that already had the entire string passed to it in the constructor (i.e.nothing to read) do you happen to know a good book or online resource for showing an example of constructor passed XML fragments being DTD and Schema validated by an Xml Validating Reader?

would you be willing to show how to add a Schema validation?

my code is now reporting Schema errors with the manual schema addition.

the severity is only warning, which i find interesting, but that is enough to confirm the validity of the doucment, and that's what i was shooting for.

can i still use the Read method even if i acquire the XML node string through the constructor?

i thought that wouldn't work, since there is no stream that is being read from.

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