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I figured the timezone / clock skew issue was the most likely but both machines were in the correct timezone, had synchronized time and managed to handle the Daylight Savings change that happened on March 8th appropriately.

My next hypothesis is that we had an errant or old Maintenance Window that was applying to a Collection these machines were in.

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Updates Handler 3/12/2015 PM 8888 (0x22B8) Starting job with id = Updates Handler 3/12/2015 PM 8888 (0x22B8) Successfully initiated scan.

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We have recently noticed these servers are rebooting after installing their monthly Windows Updates about an hour early.

There is a certain amount of delay inherent in the SCCM Client Actions and the monitoring system but XYmon loses connection with these machines right around -ish whereas the rest of the monitored machines seem to reboot about an hour later around -.

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